3/09 kansikuva

English Issue 4/2015

Volume 52, Issue 4



Eeva Luhtakallio & Tuukka Ylä-Anttila: For a Bright and Open Future of Sosiologia


Margarethe Olbertz-Siitonen & Marko Siitonen: The Silence of the Finns. Exploring the Anatomy of an Academic Myth

Matilda Hellman & Anu Katainen: The Autonomous Finnish Man Against the Nanny State in the Age of Online Outrage. The State and the Citizen in the "Whiskygate" Alcohol Policy Debate

Daria Krivonos: (Im)mobile Lives. Young Russian Women's Narratives of Work and Citizenship Insecurities in Finland

Michael Egerer & Anna Alanko: Problem Gambling and the Non-Medical Addiction Model. Finnish General Practitioners' and Social Workers' Perceptions

Nicholas Gane: Central Banking, Technocratic Governance and the Financial Crisis. Placing Quantitative Easing Into Question

Book Reviews

Alice Goffman: On the Run (Linda Haapajärvi)

Bruno Latour: Enquête sur les Modes d'Existence (Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen)

James Côté: Youth Studies (Sanna Aaltonen)

Nina Eliasoph: The Politics of Volunteering (Janne Autto)

Ricca Edmondson: Ageing, Insight and Wisdom (Jenni Spännäri)

Stephen P. Hinshaw & Richard M. Scheffler: The ADHD Explosion (Aleksi Hupli)

Freek van der Vet: Finding Justice at the European Court of Human Rights (Lisa McIntosh Sundstrom)

Terhi Tuukkanen: A Framework for Children's Participation in Online Environments (Jenni Raitanen & Tuuli Turja)

Irene Prix: Limits of Meritocracy (Timo M. Kauppinen)


The Annual Conference of the Westemarck Society 17 & 18 March in Jyväskylä, Finland

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